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Denominations - Protestant

Short profiles of selected Christian denominations in the U.S.

About the Volunteers of America

Date Founded:  1896

Membership/Number of Clergy:  16,000 employees/90,000 volunteers as of 2012

Headquarters:  1660 Duke St., Alexandria, VA  22314

Schools & Seminaries:  Their clergy are expected to have formal theological training within their denominational context, come from any Christian church, and are expected to be active members of other churches.

Publications:  None


Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Core Beliefs: The Mission Statement of the VOA:

Volunteers of America is a movement organized to reach and uplift all people and bring them to the knowledge and active service of God. 

Volunteers of America, illustrating the presence of God through all that we do, serves people and communities in need and creates opportunities for people to experience the joy of serving others. 

Volunteers of America measures its success in positive change in the lives of individuals and communities we serve.

Short History:  Founded in 1896 by Maud and Ballington Booth.  These social reformers founded a Christian church based on the idea of service to and uplifting of others.  They envisioned their church as an "auxiliary" to the whole Christian church focused on service to others.

Local Churches:  The local office is at 570 South Fourth Street, Suite 100, Louisville, KY 40202.  They offer Addiction Recovery Services, Developmental Disability Services, HIV Services, Homeless & Housing Services, Veterans Services.

Volunteers of America Symbol

Volunteers of America symbol