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Short profiles of selected Christian denominations in the U.S.

About the Bible Presbyterian Church

Date Founded:  1937

Membership/Number of Clergy:  Not available.

Headquarters:  There are four presbyteries and one General Synod.  No headquarters is listed.

Schools & Seminaries:  Western Reformed Seminary

Publications: Fundamental Presbyterian Publications is an official agency of the Bible Presbyterian Church.  It concentrates on tracts, pamphlets, and bulletin inserts. 


Core Beliefs:  "We believe reformed doctrine is historic Christianity, in its emphasis upon the sovereignty of God and the trustworthiness of the Bible. We are a confessional church.

It was the compromise of these truths in the early decades of this century that led to the formation of the Bible Presbyterian Church. As theological liberalism had moved into Presbyterian seminaries and out into the church, it became fashionable to question the fundamental tenets of Christianity. The inspiration of the Bible, the virgin birth and deity of Christ, His supernatural works and the atonement on the cross and even His resurrection from the dead were called into question. The Presbyterian Church ordained ministers and sent out missionaries who either called these doctrines into question or rejected them outright."

Short History:  Founded in 1937 during the height of the Modernist-Fundamentalist debate.  Originally part of the newly-formed Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the creation of the Bible Presbyterian Church was led by Dr. Carl McIntire.  The Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.'s refusal to take a stand against intoxicating beverages at its General Assembly in 1937 was one the issues which brought about the establishment of the Bible Presbyterian Synod.  The eschatological position of the Presbyterian Church of America which had become an amillennial church and had even attacked the premillennial view of Christ’s return was another of the reasons for the establishment of the Bible Presbyterian Synod.

Local Churches:  There are 18 BPC churches in the US and Canada.  The closest one to Louisville is Grace Bible Presbyterian Church, 12060 Lebanon Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241. A list of all the churches can be found at

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