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Short profiles of Christian denominations in the U.S.

About the Southern Methodist Church

Date Founded:  1940

Membership/Number of Clergy:  3,200/85 churches

Headquarters:  541 Broughton Street, Orangeburg, SC 29115

Schools & Seminaries:  Southern Methodist College

Publications:  No serials, Foundry Press is the book publishing arm.


Social Media:  Facebook

Core Beliefs:  "Southern Methodist Church seeks to continue the spiritual and doctrinal heritage of The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and to spread the message of salvation and Biblical holiness that John Wesley preached."  "We hold to the inspiration and inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures, and to the fundamental doctrines of the faith. "

Short History:  When the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Methodist Protestant Church, and the Methodist Episcopal Church, South decided in 1938 to form a union, a group of those from the Southern church created an organization to perpetuate the doctrines historic Methodism in a new body.  The first Annual Session of the new Conference took place in 1940.

Local Churches:  There are no churches in Kentucky.  The church finder is

Southern Methodist Church Symbol

Southern Methodist Church symbol