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Short profiles of Christian denominations in the U.S.

About the Free Methodist Church of North America

Date Founded:  1860

Membership/Number of Clergy:  75,050/1,947 as of 2010.

Headquarters:   770 N. High School Rd / Indianapolis, IN 46214

Schools & Seminaries:  Azusa Pacific University, Central Christian College of Kansas, Greenville College, Roberts Wesleyan CollegeSeattle Pacific University, Spring Arbor University, and Northeastern Seminary.  The church also has a boarding school in Jackson, KY, Oakdale Christian Academy.

Publications:  Light & Life Magazine, World Mission People Magazine


Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, Flickr

Core Beliefs:  "God’s love is central and all-inclusive, yet we can choose to reject him; spiritual maturity is taken seriously; the life of the mind is valued; compassion for the poor and efforts to abolish oppression are part of the DNA; connectedness to the wider church is celebrated by following the liturgical year and lectionary; Jesus’ sacrifice for us is remembered each week through Communion; and women are encouraged, recognized and ordained in leadership."  The full doctrine is available at

Short History: Founded by Western New York ministers and laymen who felt the Methodist Episcopal Church was straying from its traditional Wesleyan roots.  Areas of disagreement included anti-slavery, simplicity of worship, free seats in church so all could attend, and freedom from the secret oaths of various secret societies.

Local Churches:  Use the church finder at  There us a church near campus, Breckenridge Chapel, 239 Breckenridge Ln, Louisville, KY 40207.

Symbol of the FMCNA

Free Methodist Church symbol