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Denominations - Protestant

Short profiles of selected Christian denominations in the U.S.

National Primitive Baptist Convention

Baptist, Historically Black Congregation

Date Founded:  1907

Membership: 600,000 Number of Congregations: 1565

Headquarters:  P.O. Box 17727,Pensacola, Florida 32522

Schools & Seminaries:  Primitive Baptists do not believe in organized ministerial training.

Publications:  Sunday School materials are published, but no magazines.


Social Media:  Facebook

Core Beliefs: Members embrace some aspects of church life that that align them more closely with the other African American Baptist Associations and depart from the traditional Primitive Baptist beliefs.  Among these are revivals, church auxiliaries, Sunday School, and instrumental music.  They retain the historic Primitive Baptist practice of foot washing after communion.  See a complete list of official beliefs.  Primitive Baptists refer to their congregational leader as Elder.  The NPBC also holds conferences in contrast to most Primitive Baptists who consider the local church the focal point.

Short History:  After the Civil War, white Primitive Baptists helped former enslaved people to start their own churches, ordain their own deacons and pastors, and form local associations. The local associations formed a general association in 1907 that was originally known as the Colored Primitive Baptists of America. There are currently churches in 18 states.

Local Churches: There appears to be no churches in the Kentucky area. The congregations are mainly in Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Church Locator: