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Denominations - Protestant

Short profiles of selected Christian denominations in the U.S.

Evangelical Methodist Church symbol

Evangelical Methodist Church

  • Date Founded: 1946 in Memphis, TN

  • Membership/Number of Clergy:  7,349/202 as of 2005.

  • Headquarters:  6838 South Gray Road, Indianapolis, IN 46237

  • Publications:  The Connection

  • Website:

  • Social Media:  Facebook, YouTube

  • Core Beliefs:  "Standards of professional ministry are carefully maintained and jealously guarded so that every EMC pastor or conference official can be counted on to believe and preach the timeless Bible based truths believed and lived out by Rev. John Wesley and early American Methodism. The heresy of liberalism and the unscriptural excesses and practices of spiritual phenomena in churches today are rejected in favor of a Bible-based view of God, man, sin and salvation. People who consider themselves true to historic Methodism and who find the gospel message central to life and eternity, who are tired of the Bible being relegated to second place in church life, who weary of a singular diet of social action issues, who believe in Jesus, His sinless birth and life, atoning death, literal resurrection and return, and who have a passion and heart for world evangelization and participation in the harvest will find a welcome home in their local Evangelical Methodist Church."

Short History:  The Evangelical Methodist Church was organized in Memphis, TN in 1946 by Methodists who deplored what they saw as the creeping liberalism and emphasis on social issues of the United Methodist Church.  They desired a return to the Wesleyan roots of traditional Methodism.  The Evangel Church merged into the EMC in 1960 and the People's Methodist Churches joined the combined church in 1962.  Congregations are located in Mexico, Canada, Burma/Myanmar, Europe, Africa, Philippines and 23 US states with concentrations in PA, OH, IN , NC, and WA.

Local Churches:  There are no churches in Louisville or Southern Indiana.

Church locator: