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Denominations - Protestant

Short profiles of selected Christian denominations in the U.S.

Baptist Missionary Association


Date Founded:  1950

Membership: 137,909  Number of Clergy: 3,513 Number of congregations:  1272

Headquarters:  611 Locust Street, Conway, AR 72033

Schools & Seminaries:  Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary

Publications:  None


Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter

Core Beliefs: Read the full Doctrinal Statement.

Short History:  A group of conservative, evangelical Baptist churches organized an association to promote Christian education and mission work in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1950.  Originally called the North American Baptist Association, the name was changed to the current form in 1969. Each church is autonomous in administration and funding.  Not strictly a denomination, but an association of like-minded churches.

Local Churches:  The closest church to the Louisville area is Calvary Baptist Church 3501 N Prow Rd Bloomington IN 47404.

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