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Denominations - Protestant

Short profiles of selected Christian denominations in the U.S.

About Christian Churches/Churches of Christ

Date Founded: 1926

Membership/Number of Clergy:  1,701,616/5,525 as of 1988

Headquarters:  None

Schools & Seminaries:  Colleges:  Boise Bible College, Central Christian College of the Bible, Cincinnati Christian University, Crossroads College, Dallas Christian College, Florida Christian College, Great Lakes Christian College, Hope International University, Johnson University, Kentucky Christian University, Lincoln Christian University, Louisville Bible College, Manhattan Christian College, Mid-Atlantic Christian University, Mid-South Christian College,  Milligan College, Nebraska Christian College, Northwest Christian University, Ozark Christian College, Point University, Saint Louis Christian College, Summit Christian College, William Jessup University

Seminaries:  Emmanuel Christian Seminary, Summit Theological Seminary

Publications:    Articles, Podcasts, Videos, Books, and Blogs from member churches are available.


Social Media:  Each church will have its own.

Core Beliefs: Each church is independent and there is no denominational structure.  Many of the congregations are not only non-denominational but anti-denominational, beliving that Christ established only one church centered on the worship of God.  They do cooperate in areas where no church is large enough to fund or run a program.

Short History:  Split from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) over issues of missionaries not following what church conservatives thought to be proper baptismal procedure. These churches do use instumental music in their worship services unlike the other Churches of Christ that split from the Disciples. 

Local Churches:  The best known of the local congregations is Southeast Christian Church, 920 Blankenbaker Rd., Louisville, KY  40243.  If you want a mega-church experience, this would be the best one to attend.  Leave plenty of time to get there as there tend to be traffic jams for the main services. Look for visitor parking near the building.  Closer to campus is Clifton Heights Christian Church, 622 N Hite Ave., Louisville, KY 40206.  Use the Ministry Locator to find other congregations.

Symbol of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ

Each congregation will use its own symbol