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Denominations - Protestant

Short profiles of selected Christian denominations in the U.S.

About the Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Date Founded:  1810 - the first presbytery, 1829 - the first General Assembly

Members/Number of Clergy:  72,167/900 as of 2010.

Headquarters: 8207 Traditional Place, Cordova, Tennessee  38016

Schools & Seminaries:  Bethel University and Memphis Theological Seminary

Publications: The Cumberland Presbyterian 


Core Beliefs: The full Confession of Faith can be found in English and in Spanish at

Short History:  During the Great Awakening the PC(USA) Synod of Kentucky dissolved the Presbytery of Cumberland because of a dispute over clergy training and submission to the dictates of the Westminster Confession of Faith.  In 1810, some of the clergy from the old Presbytery of Cumberland banded together in a new Presbytery of Cumberland outside the PC(USA).  The number of churches affiliating with the new Presbytery grew and a Synod was formed in 1813 and the first General Assembly was held in 1829.  For a detailed history see:

Local Churches: There is an online church finder at  The closest church to campus is Heartsong Cumberland Presbyterian Church,  6800 S Hurstbourne Parkway Louisville, KY 40291. Most churches are located in the American South, particularly in TN, KY, and AL.  Churches outside of North America are in Brazil, Columbia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Macau.

Cumberland Presbyterian Symbol

CPC logo is gold cross on blue background.