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Denominations - Protestant

Short profiles of selected Christian denominations in the U.S.

Non-Denominational Congregations

Non-denominational churches are congregations that do not affiliate with any other established denominations, leadership or hierarchy. These congregations are often established by individuals or communities. They come in all sizes, but many notable megachurches are non-denominational.

  • The history of the establishment of non-denominational churches stems back to the 1800's, to the beginnings of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. The pioneers of this movement endeavored to reestablish a simpler "New Testament Church" and abolish established human-created creeds. Churches that later grew from this movement focused on the New Testament, baptism by immersion, ecumenism, and communion. Three early denominations that were established are the Churches of Christ, Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and Christian Church/Disciples of Christ. The establishment of non-denominational churches exploded in growth in the 20th century and beyond.
  • Non-denominational and independent churches comprise the 3rd largest religious group in America, following the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • Since non-denominational churches are not part of a larger denomination, they are self-governed entities. They are afforded more religious flexibility and less outside oversight of teachings and operations. However, many of these churches operate under specific doctrines of an established denomination. Often the church's practices stem from the background and education of the lead pastor.

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Notable Non-denominational churches in the Louisville area:

Big Church

Canaan Christian Church

Northeast Christian Church

Sanctuary Church

Sojourn church