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Syllabi and Semester Schedules from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

LPTS Course Syllabi Collection. Some syllabi are not available. These syllabi should not be considered the "official" final version.

2016-2017 Semester Schedules

2016-2017 Syllabi

NT 2063  Exegesis of Galatians in English
ET 1063  History of the Baptist Churches in the United States
TH 4503  Judaism
TH 3893  Theater and Theology
TH 3243  Ethics in Economic Life
CM 3010  Presbyterianism: Principles and Practices
PC 3123  Brief Therapy: Theory and Practice
SM 1013  Transforming Seminary Education
DM 6462  DMin Seminar II - Minister as Biblical Interpreter
DM 6464  DMin Seminar IV - Research Methods and Prospectus Writing
DM 3123  DMin Brief Therapy: Theory and Practice
DM 3243  DMin Ethics in Economic Life