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Syllabi and Semester Schedules from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

LPTS Course Syllabi Collection. Some syllabi are not available. These syllabi should not be considered the "official" final version.

2020-2021 Semester Schedules

2020-2021 Syllabi

NT 2063 Exegesis of Romans
NT 4023 African American New Testament Hermeneutics
PC 4401 Introduction to Telehealth (for MFT Practica students)
PC 3143 CPE - Clinical Pastoral Education I
PX 4153 Mobilizing for Justice: Advocacy Ministry with Children and Youth
TH 3323 Restorative Justice
TH 3943 Communities of Earth and Spirit: Ecology and Religious Traditions
DM 6462 DMin Seminar II: Minister as Biblical Interpreter

NT 101-3 Elements of New Testament Greek
NT 132-3 Letters and Revelation
OT 206-3 Exegesis of Judges
OT 131-3 Torah and Former Prophets
OT 425-3 The Bible in a Religiously Pluralistic World
PW 100-3 Basic Preaching
NT 400-1 Reading NT Greek
OT 400-1 Reading OT Hebrew
CM 101-3 Worship, Community, and Pedagogy
PC 281-3 Marriage and Family Therapy Research
PC 304-3 Theoretical Foundations of MFT
PC 308-3 Theories of Change
PC 223-3 Abuse and Trauma
PC 441-1 Practicum 1: Beginning MFT Practice
NA MFT Consultation
PW 450-1 Chapel Ministers
TH 110-3 Systematic Theology
TF 113-3 History of Christian Experience II
ET 1044 Presbyterian Heritage & Polity
TH 383-3 Practicing Our Faith
TH 311-3 Modern Moral Issues
TH 244-3 Religious Diversity in the African Diaspora
DM 6464 DMIN Seminar IV
SM 110-1 Reflection Groups (1st-year MDiv, MAMFT, and MAR)
SM 120-1 Reflection Groups (2nd-Year MDiv)
SM 121-1 Reflection Groups (2nd-Year MAMFT)
SM 130-1 Reflection Groups (3rd-Year MDiv)
SM 131-1 Reflection Groups (3rd-Year MAMFT)
SFM 001 Statement of Faith

OT 3263 Womanist Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible
CE 4103 Writing for the Church
PC 3913 Death, Dying, Grief and Loss
PW 2503 The Art of Presence: Creative Worship for the People of God
TH 2243 Testimony: The Examined Life as Wisdom and Witness
EM 3173 Paradigms for Chrisitan Mission
DM 6461 DMin Seminar I - The Minister in Context: Ethnography, the Research Project, and Explorations of Race, Class, and Gender in Ministry
DM 6463 DMin Seminar III - The Minister as Theologian
DM 4103 DMIN Writing for the Church
DM TBD DMIN Elective: Death, Dying, Grief and Loss

NT 1313 Gospels and Acts
OT 1013 Elements of Biblical Hebrew
OT 1323 Latter Prophets and Writings
NT 2023 Exegesis of Mark
OT 323-3 The Ethics of Violence in the Old Testament
NT 4001 Reading in New Testament Greek
OT 4001 Reading in Biblical Hebrew
PW 3203 African American Prophetic Preaching
CE 3163 Formation in Family, Congregation, and Home
CE 3203 Children's Literature in Life and Faith
PC 3093 Ministries of Care and Counseling
PC 3273-1 Gender, Race and Class: Engaging Intersectionality
PC 3273-2 Gender, Race and Class: Engaging Intersectionality
PC 3033 Couples Therapy
PC 3073 Human Sexuality
PC 3223 Psychopathology and Pastoral Diagnosis
PC 4423 Practicum 2 (First-year MFT students)
PC 4433 Practicum 3 (Second-year MFT students)
NA MFT Consultation
PC 5001 Senior Integrative Experience
PC 5010 MFT Exit Exam
PW 4501 Chapel Ministers
TF 1123 History of Christian Experience I
TH 2433 Introduction to Black Church Studies
TH 3523 Christology
TH 3673 Political and Liberation Theologies
SM 1102 Reflection Group (1st-Year MDiv, MAMFT, and MAR)
SM 1202 Reflection Group (2nd-Year MDiv)
SM 1212 Reflection Group (2nd-Year MAMFT)
SM 1302 Reflection Group (3rd-Year MDiv)
SM 1312 Reflection Group (3rd-Year MAMFT)
SM 2021 Interspirituality and a Theology of Technology
SM 3003 Faith and Violence
MAR 511 MAR Thesis