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Syllabi and Semester Schedules from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

LPTS Course Syllabi Collection. Some syllabi are not available. These syllabi should not be considered the "official" final version.

2021-2022 Semester Schedules

2021-2022 Syllabi

NT 2093 Exegesis of Revelation
PC 3143 CPE - Clinical Pastoral Education I
PC 3253 Justice, Restoration, and Mental Health
PC 4433 Practicum 3
PX 4153 Mobilizing for Justice: Advocacy Ministry with Children and Youth
TH 4603 Islam
TH 2413 African American Religions (Cancelled)
DM 6462 DMin Seminar II
DM 6464 DMIN Seminar IV
DM 3253 Justice, Restoration, and Mental Health

NT 2123 Exegesis of 1 Corinthians
OT 3253 God of Our Weary Years: Black Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible in the USA
CM 4313 Cultivating Call
PC 3163 Therapeutic Care of Children
PC 4401 Introduction to Telehealth
TH 3113 Modern Moral Issues: Conflict and Peace
DM 6461 DMin Seminar 1: The Minister in Context: Ethnography, the Research Project, and Explorations of Race, Class, and Gender in Ministry
DM 6463 DMin Seminar 3: The Minister as Theologian