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Syllabi and Semester Schedules from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

LPTS Course Syllabi Collection. Some syllabi are not available. These syllabi should not be considered the "official" final version.

2022-2023 Semester Schedules

Summer 2022     Fall 2022     J-Term 2023     Spring 2023

2022-2023 Syllabi

OT 3243 Africans and the Hebrew Bible
PC 3143 CPE - Clinical Pastoral Education I
PC 2213 Group Dynamics in Marriage and Family Therapy and Congregations
PC 3323 Trauma and Spiritual Care
PC 4433 Practicum 3
TH 4903 Communities of Earth and Spirit: Ecology and Religious Traditions
TH 3883 Theology and Popular Culture
DM 6462 DMin Seminar II - The Minister as Biblical Interpreter
DM 6464 DMin Seminar IV - The Minister as Practical Theologian; Research Methods and Prospectus Writing

NT 101-3 Elements of New Testament Greek
NT 132-3 Epistles and Revelation
OT 131-3 Torah and Former Prophets
OT 201-3 Exegesis of Genesis
OT 400-1 Reading Biblical Hebrew
PW 100-3 Basic Preaching
CM-101-3 Worship, Community and Pedagogy
MFT Consultation/LSCC Staff Meeting
PC 222-3 Abuse and Trauma
PC 281-3 Research Prerequisite Theoretical Foundations of MFT
PC 304-3 Theoretical Foundations of MFT
PC 308-3 Theories of Change
PC 441-1 Practicum 1: Beginning MFT Practice
PC 442-3 Practicum 2: (Register after completing Practicum 1)
PC 443-3 Practicum 3: (Register after completing Practicum 2)
TF 113-3 History of Christian Experience II (MDiv and MAR requirement) HCE II will not be offered again until Fall 2024
TH 110-3 Systematic Theology
TH 324-3 Ethics in Economic Life
TH 322-3 Feminist and Womanist Ethics
SM 110-1 Reflection Groups (1st year MDiv, MAMFT, and MAR)
SM 120-1 Reflection Groups (2nd Year MDiv)
SM 121-1 Reflection Groups (2nd Year MAMFT)
SM 130-1 Reflection Groups (3rd Year MDiv)
SM 200-3 Research Methods and Practices
SM 300-3 Big Question Course: Attention

NT 4013 Evil, Suffering, and Death in the NT
NT 1313 Gospels and Acts
OT 1013 Elements of Biblical Hebrew
NT 2033 Exegesis of the Gospel according to Luke
NT 4001 Reading in New Testament Greek
OT 1323 Latter Prophets and Writings
OT 4001 Reading in Biblical Hebrew
CE 3053 Multiple Intelligences and Christian Education
PC 3053 Professional Issues and Ethics in MFT
PC 3073 Human Sexuality
PC 3033 Couples Therapy: Theory and Practice
PC 3223 Psychopathology
PC 443-3 Practicum 3
TH 2623 Calvin and Reformed Theology
TF 1123 History of Christian Experience I
TH 3323 Introduction to Christian Ethics
TH 4213 Queer Theologies
TH 4243 Whiteness and Racial Justice
SM 1202 Reflection Groups (2nd Year MDiv)
SM 1302 Reflection Groups (3rd Year MDiv)
SM 1212 Spiritual Integration
SM 3003B Big Question course: Faith and Creation
DM 6462 Seminar II Minister as Biblical Interpreter