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E.M. White Library Services


Who is E. M. White and why is the library named after him?
Ernest Miller White served as the seminary librarian from 1944-1985 which spanned the move from the downtown campus to the current location on Alta Vista Rd. The library was named in his honor upon his retirement.

Ernest Miller White plaque

portrait of Ernest Miller White


Why are only some of my course textbooks available electronically and not all of them?
The library endeavors to provide electronic access to all required and recommended LPTS course texts. However, not all texts are available electronically and copyright restrictions prevent us from digitizing those that are available only in print. Contact if you have any additional questions or would like to check on a specific title.

Why am I being asked to log in when I click on a chapter title for an ebook when I am already logged into the ebook database?   
If you are using Chrome, this may be due to do with the incompatibility of Chrome's PDF viewer. At this time, the only fix is to use a different browser. Mozilla Firefox is recommended. The following link will enable you to download the browser if you do not currently have it installed:

Why am I not able to see the text of an ebook that is listed as available? I clicked on an ebook link for my class and I was able to log in but when I click on the ebook I can't read the actual text.
There are a number of reasons you may be encountering access problems. In some cases, only a certain number of people can access an e-book at any one time. If that is the case, you may have to keep trying until someone who had been looking at that ebook signs off. 
In some instances, it can be a browser issue. Try opening a different browser -- Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Chrome, etc. -- and try again. Mozilla Firefox is recommended by the E. M. White Library. 
If you continue to have access issues, please send an email to and include:
1.    title and author of book you are trying to access
2.    browser you are using
3.    any error or access denied messages you are receiving
4.    as much detail as possible

Why am I getting a message about Licensing agreements and cookies when I try to access the text of an ebook?   
If you are using the Chrome browser and you get a message like this: 

Licensing agreements for these databases require that access be extended only to authorized users. Once you have been validated by this system, a "cookie" is sent to your browser as an ongoing indication of your authorization to access these databases. This cookie only needs to be set once during login.
If you are using a firewall or network privacy program, you may need reconfigure it to allow cookies to be set from this server.
As you access databases, they may also use cookies. Your ability to use those databases may depend on whether or not you allow those cookies to be set.

Unfortunately, at this time, you will need to use a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox. 
Complete the following steps if you are using one of these browsers: 
•    Choose Safari > Preferences, click Privacy, then select "Always allow"
•    Menu > Options > Privacy > History > Select "Firefox will: Use custom settings for history."
•    "Accept cookies from sites" should be check marked.
•    "Accept third party cookies" should be set to "Always."

Does the library offer any audio book streaming services? 
Yes, we provide access to Ebsco's Audiobook Collection which allows you to sample, choose, and "check out" a wide range of audiobooks to your phone. Find a link to this database in the list of databases under Resources. 

I'm an alum. Can I get access to ebooks?
Contractual agreements with the publishers don't allow us to provide the full text of ebooks to alumnae/i.  As an alum, you do have access to journal articles and book chapters through ATLAS for Alums.  If you are a Louisville Seminary alum and do not have the login information for ATLAS, please email the library at

How do I log in to the Intranet?
The Intranet uses the same username and password information as your Office 365 email account.  If you are a student and have never used the Intranet before you may need to go through the steps on the screen to Request Access.  Please follow those steps and an administrator will give you access.

Where do I find the old ordination exams? 
The old ord exams now reside on the Intranet at:
You will have to log in to the Intranet with your Office 365 (email) username and password. 

How do I get access to ATLAS for Alums?
Contact the library at and upon verification we will provide you with log on information. 

How do I access the full text of ebooks?  
Only LPTS students, faculty, and staff can access the full text of our subscribed or owned ebooks.  If you see a login screen, use the library barcode number (on back of your LPTS ID) as the username and the last 4 digits of your phone number as the password.  This will be the phone number you gave the library when you signed up for a card. If you are able to log in and you are taken to a page with a list of databases or some other page, close the tab that opened and click on the link to the ebook again. 
If you are unable to access an ebook, send an email to and/or visit the online help desk.

What if I need research help?
Email and a librarian will get in touch with you as soon as possible.