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OWL - Online Writing Lab: Spell Check

Collection of short tutorials created by ASC, the Academic Support Center staff, to help students successfully execute the writing requirements at Louisville Seminary.

and Grammar Check

Spelling and grammar checkers can be very helpful, but they do have certain problems. They:

  • Do not catch shifts in point of view, verb tense, and mood
  • Often ignore the misuse of adjectives and adverbs (e.g. “could have been handled more professional [should be professionally
  • Catch, but more often don’t, misused semicolons and run-on sentences
  • Will not tell you how to spell words not listed in its dictionary, catch words commonly confused (e.g. affect/effect), homophones (e.g. son/sun) or typos (our and out are only one space apart on the keyboard)
  • Miss words that should be capitalized in certain contexts (e.g. Dad/dad)
  • Don’t consistently flag slang and informal language