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Denominations - Protestant

Short profiles of selected Christian denominations in the U.S.

About the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America

Date Founded: 1874 

Members/Number of Clergy:  15,142/156 as of 1996

Headquarters:  CPCA Denominational Center, 226 Church Street NW, Huntsville, Alabama 35801-5596

Schools & Seminaries:  May attend Cumberland Presbyterian affiliated Memphis Theological Seminary.

Website:  (the website no longer seems to be working as of 7/17)

Short History:  In 1874 African American members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church were organized in their own General Assembly to form the Colored Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Later known as the Second Cumberland Presbyterian Church and now the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America.  Several reunion efforts have failed, but in 2012 the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America created a Unification task force to move reunion forward. In 2016 the task force began circulating a plan of unification to both denominations.

Local Churches: Trinity CPCA, 3840 Hale Ave., Louisville, KY  (520-776-2516) 
A list of churches by presbytery and a map of church locations can be found at

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